Saturday, August 25, 2012

Desk Chair Make Over

(See how much my kittys have enjoyed to top and side edges of it?)

 LAST summer I went searching for a new desk chair and couldn't find one that I liked well enough to spend a chunk of money on.  Then, LAST SUMMER I found this upholstery fabric for 2.97 per yard at Wal-Mart.  I thought it might work for covering this ugly chair so because it was so cheap, I bought the whole dang bolt.  I think I spent about 24 dollars.  A year later, I finally buckled down and decided to see if I could do this.  It was pretty easy and I can't believe I procrastinated for a whole year to do this.  It done in two sections.  The backrest is simply layered over, tucked and slip-stitched with heavy duty button thread along the sides and lower edge.  And the seat is attached with a staple gun all along the under-side.  For the money I spent, I'm pretty happy with it.  And I still have plenty of fabric left to re-do my counter stools too. :)

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MaxineD said...

Well done Michelle - the transformation is amazing :-).