Monday, January 18, 2010

A Peaceful Scene on My Street :)

The part of Albuquerque I live in is still rural, so intermixed in my neighborhood are fields used for different crops. This field is on my street where my Father-in-law grows alfalfa for his horses each summer. The past few days I've been treated to this view of Sand-hill Cranes and Canadian Geese resting in this field. Today, I had some extra time so I stopped and snapped a few pics to share. :)
Here is another pic to get a better idea of how big this field is. It's pretty desolate looking in the winter, but in the summer it's such a lush green. Beautiful! When I first pulled up the cranes and geese were right up close to the fence... but they are camera shy and so had moved away from me. That's the Fire Dept. on the far side of the field.


Michelle Rivera said...

Hi Michelle,,,it's michelle. what great photos. Those cranes are awesome. I wish I can see great birds like that here in Rio Rancho.

Jane, at Thepaperaffair said...

How cool it must be to live there! FIL and his horses, how did he like his Birthday card you created?? TeeHee, let me tell you geese love the urban cities just as well, and they take there sweet time crossing the street too, LOL. Thanks for the picture. Jane

chercroppin said...

Mi Michelle! How cool is that?! We get the sand-hill cranes here too (Central FL), and but we usually see them only in flocks of 2-5. They are much bigger up close and in person aren't they?!