Monday, October 1, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Digis

Our very own Sue @ McMahon Five Designs is offering this very special package.  
See the details below:

If you have been with us since October, 2010 you have
had the opportunity to receive each and every one of our
for FREE.

But if you have recently joined us,
we are offering you a
Special Deal for the first time EVER!
Each of our Breast Cancer Awareness images
created and released since August, 2010
87 images for ONLY $9.99.
$34.50 current value!! 

If you'd like to know a little of my life history and breast cancer... 
My mother is a survivor, her best friend is a survivor however my mothers mother
(my grandmother) did not survive her breast cancer. :( 
It's important ladies to do your monthly exams.  Do it TODAY!

to receive all 87 jpg and png images we have released
in our BCA line since October, 2010! 
It has a $34.50 value for only

All Profits are Donated!!

Be sure to post your cards to our

(use keywords: M5D, mcmahonfive, mcmahonfivedesign )


so we can see your creations!!!

1 comment:

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

Hi Michelle!! I was thinking of my Midnight Madness friends and just had to pop over and say hi!! So glad your do have history of survivors of Breast Cancer. I have had my MIL, grandma and a few good friends die of breast cancer.

Hope all is well!