Monday, October 10, 2011

My Balloon Fiesta Pics... As Promised :)

 Dawn Patrol is amazing.
 Especially when they lift off and light up the sky.
 These are the "Save the Ta-Tas Balloons"  They even had a sign hanging off to one side that read "Silicon-Free"  :)
 I liked the hummingbird on this one.

I said I'd share some Balloon Fiesta pictures here if I was able to get any nice ones. We were there bright and early yesterday and it was wonderful! I'm always amazed by the number of balloons in this event and the number of people that come out to see them every year.  I tried to make a slide show, but couldn't seem to get it to work on so little sleep yesterday, so I'll just shared a few here instead.  


MaxineD said...

WOW amazing!! thanks for sharing.

Rufus said...

Such fun! I've always wanted to be there for that, but have never managed to visit at the right time. Some day!!