Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mickey said to say "Hi"

Hi everyone! Just popping in to say "Hi" since it's been a while. We got back from our trip to Disney World late Sunday night and are still recovering. Let me tell you.... 2 and a half days on the road is a LONG TIME! But it was fun and we saw a part of our great United States that we had never seen before. I had no idea there is an 18 mile long bridge spanning a humongous swamp and wetlands in Louisiana. :) And what a sight to cross the Mississippi River too.

I also wanted to share some extremely happy news in regards to my mil's health. Some of you know she has been fighting cancer since she was diagnosed last September. She had a PET scan last week and the results are showing NO CANCER SPOTS on her liver at this time. She is getting a much needed respite from chemo treatments and will be learning about some additional treatment options that her doctor recommends in the coming days. We are all ever so grateful for all of your constant prayers for her continued progress in reclaiming her health. THANK YOU GOD! Hugs!

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Jane, at Thepaperaffair said...

Hello Micky.

Michelle, never been down that way myself, be good to see that scenery. I have crossed the Mississippi too many times to even count but WAY up North here, haven't seen any swamps.

Welcome home.

So glad of the good news on your MIL. I hope it continues to be, Jane