Saturday, June 5, 2010

Backyard Hollyhocks

After a month of milestones, (My oldest son graduated high school, my youngest son graduated 5th grade and my 17 year old son got his driver's license yesterday, along with my in-laws 50th anniversary celebration last weekend), I finally had a chance to visit my backyard. This pretty little thing is just blooming right along despite my lack of time in the yard so far this year. Life is very good.


Anonymous said...

Wow Michelle lots of milestones in your household! Congrats to everyone...enjoy your summer:)

Rufus said...

That's a LOT of things to celebrate! What a gorgeous flower. Sometimes they seem to do better when we don't have time to fuss over them!

Jane, at Thepaperaffair said...

Very pretty holly hock, I don't have one of those. What a busy month you have had, Phew ~ but all good things, life is good indeed. Hope you will now have more time to get out into your garden. Jane

designsfromwithinbycharlotte said...

Michelle, congrats to all the milestones happening in your family! Now you get to really enjoy your garden and as you can see, it is waiting just for you! Beautiful!