Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Homework from my son's teacher

I thought I'd just post this card for giggles! My son's 4th grade teacher sent homework to all of us parents this week. Our assignment... Write a love letter to your child and have it back in class in time for the Valentines celebration. Now, knowing my son, there is NO WAY he was gonna like getting a pretty, soppy, lovey dovey card from Mom... Especially, not at school! So this is the card he will receive from me. It's not fancy, and not a lot of detail, because I just know it'll end up under is bed in the next day or so. One thing I do love about their celebration this year, is his teacher has changed the focus of Valentines Day in a way that is more appropriate for their age. She has them each writing notes of "Appreciation" to the other students. So, they have had to really think about each individual classmate and express what they appreciate about him or her. I love that so much! Thanks for stopping by! I DO appreciate each and every one of you! :)

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